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Every Financial Service Provider Brokerage Needs this in their life

Want to do double the work within an 8-hour work day? Get fspHUB today!

Are you worried about the latest compliance requirements in the Financial Services Industry? You’re not alone. Many brokerages in South Africa are experiencing some anxiety due to the recent compliance legislations and the whispers of a change in commission structure.

Nevertheless, many of these brokerages have also made leaps to preparing for any implications of such regulations. One of these leaps is making sure that all your business documentation is well stored and can be found easily with an all-in-one system.

FspHub is a locally developed software, focused on short term insurance brokerage needs. The product consists of three core elements, namely:

  • CRM,
  • Workflow and
  • Document Management.

It reduces your workload and helps you manage your brokerage better. Our system is also the key to making the business improvement methods of eMyth and WorkTheSystem achievable. Without a system like ours, it is incredibly difficult to achieve your desired results.

What exactly does fspHUB do?

  • Secure off-site data storage and back-up
  • Web based access to data from anywhere
  • Taming the eMail beast
  • Effortlessly manage workflow
  • Improved communications
  • Document management
  • Improved management control
  • Focused group communication
  • Facilitates FAIS compliance in so far as record keeping, business processes and management control is concerned
  • Access to leading edge technology

Benefits of fspHUB

  1. No downtime

With this system, you experience a 99% uptime. It seldom crashes. We maintain regular communication with prospects and clients which is essential for any brokerage.

  1. Ease of adaptability within the core functionality

You have the option to tweak a process every time something goes wrong – until nothing ever goes wrong again.

  1. Short turnaround time

Improving your email templates is worthwhile

  1. Stable platform

Planning and executing group communication needs a lot of thought, not effort. We provide a stable platform so that you can worry about serving your clients, not about the software you are using.

  1. No term contract required

You are not locked down to any long-term contracts.

Lastly, support is via telephone to save you time and make it easier to understand!

Want to do double the work within an 8-hour work day? Get fspHUB today!