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If You’re a Broker or Financial Advisor, You May Want to Read this

Do you feel like there’s just so much your current system or process can’t do? Do you find that you must use many systems just to get a client portfolio out or to create a proposal?

Not only do these challenges affect your productivity, but the time wasted on many programs/systems means you will have to hire more employees to handle the workload. Which is better; increasing staff and salaries you pay out or purchasing one system that can do it all?

Here are 13 things that you CAN do with fspHUB:

  1. You CAN do all your work (except the technical stuff) in ONE place.
  2. The system is cloud-based so you CAN access everything from wherever you are.
  3. You CAN become paperless.
  4. You CAN do more than double the business without increasing staff numbers.
  5. You CAN determine the image that is consistently projected to clients, prospects, providers. Speaking of consistency — that is what makes your clients stay.
  6. You CAN eliminate mistakes that are made.
  7. You CAN have an overview of your business easily. Everything is transparent to those that are authorised to see it.
  8. You CAN have control over the IT part of your business. You do not need a techie to implement your business processes.
  9. You CAN easily improve your communication with your clients.
  10. You CAN do much more business by sending prospects on automated email voyages.
  11. You CAN automate everything that can be automated
  12. You Can train new staff (even the less techie ones) on how to use the system.
  13. You CAN have peace of mind because all information is only a few clicks away — from anywhere in the world.

The basic features of the system:

  • Helps you to design your business processes;
  • Enables you to put those processes into the system yourself;
  • Easily delegate all the work either at design stage or when you perform the tasks;
  • Makes it easier for you to communicate with all those you need to, all from within the system and
  • While you are doing that, it creates a record offsite of all in- and outgoing communication.

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