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How to Power Up Your Productivity

There’s something to be said for all FSP’s, even the established ones – Productivity is a challenge. With representatives responsible for their own work, it may be difficult to track the inefficiencies. Not only that, traditional ways of doing things take up most of the time that could be spent seeing clients.

So, how do you improve productivity?

While there are many manual ways to increase productivity i.e. Using the whip, we prefer a subtler and mechanical approach. An all-in-one automatic productivity tool that will transform any FSP.

eFFiciencyHUB has an all-in-one office productivity solution specifically designed for SME/SMBs. It uses cutting-edge technology to lighten the load in the office and help you stay in control of your processes.

FspHUB, for Financial Service Providers, provides an office productivity solution customized for all disciplines. Yet, it is still flexible enough to reflect your unique way of doing business.

Do all your work in one place, online. Increase your sales by having more time to meet clients, and streamline your office activities to easily cope with the extra business.

Here’s how:

  1. Task driven workflow

Your task is at the centre of the action.

  1. Smart communication

Your communications are automatically linked in the system, saving you time.

  1. Document storage

Running out of filing cabinets? We’ve got your electronic document storage covered.

  1. Group communication

Easily communicate with the correct group of clients.

  1. Reports and data exports

Using powerful searches and CSV exports you can manipulate data for your own specific needs.

  1. Build your own forms

Design your own forms and plug them into your process or even in your client record.

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