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How to Create a Paperless Office

Do you dream of having a paperless office? One that is efficient and environmentally friendly? Here are a few benefits of going paperless:

  • Document organisation becomes a breeze. The ability to quickly locate and circulate information will enhance your company’s efficiency.
  • Communicating with clients is faster and cheaper.
  • Data loss is prevented with backups.
  • Cost savings.

Yet, with all these benefits, it is difficult for many FSP’s to transition into a paperless environment. Most are not equipped with the right tools to do this.

fspHub is a flexible business process management tool which turns the vision of the paperless office into a reality and dramatically increases productivity in the office.

While increasing productivity is attractive, the many other benefits that flow from implementation include:

  • Secure off-site data storage and back-up
  • Web-based access to data from anywhere
  • Taming the email beast
  • Effortlessly manage workflow
  • Improved communications
  • Document management
  • Improved management control
  • Focused group communication
  • Facilitates FAIS compliance in so far as record keeping, business processes and management control is concerned
  • Access to leading-edge technology

Additional features:

  • Do all your work (except the technical stuff) in ONE place
  • Access everything from wherever you are because it is web-based
  • You can do more than double the business without increasing staff numbers
  • You can determine the image that is consistently projected to clients, prospects and providers
  • Talking about consistency — that is what makes your clients stay
  • Eliminate mistakes that are made
  • Everything is transparent to those that are authorised to see it
  • You do not need a techie to implement your business processes as you can tweak it until it’s perfect
  • Do much more business by sending prospects on automated email voyages
  • Automate everything that can be automated
  • Create peace of mind for yourself because all information is a few clicks away — from anywhere in the world

The flexibility of the system enables you to set it up to reflect your special business needs and your own processes.

Now here’s a smart solution which delivers big business, business processing solutions to even small and medium-sized companies, at an affordable price.

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