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Power Up Your Brokerage in 6 Ways!


Every fsp wishes they could be ahead of their competition, but not many know of the tools they can use to do this. Here’s how you can power up your brokerage in 6 ways!

  1. Managing your email!

Most financial experts have a mailbox full of queries that they sometimes can’t get to. If your email inbox is getting overwhelming and you’re thinking perhaps it’s time to hire an assistant, consider getting FSPhub instead.

FSPhub solves this problem with two inboxes; one for business email and another for all the other emails. This already helps you to reduce the email count by removing your private emails from your business emails.

The tool also automatically saves the sender’s email address as a prospect/lead that you can send email campaigns to.

Lastly, FSPhub immediately archives an email once you have replied to the sender or forwarded it to someone else.

  1. Improves your workflow!

Many fsp’s still use traditional forms of workflow management such as Excel spreadsheet and paper. Don’t you just hate using Excel spreadsheets or multiple applications to complete client documents? With FSPhub, you can set up or amend predefined workflows easily or as your needs change. Each brokerage is different, so we allow you to create the workflow that best suits your business. Whether that entails one task or 10 tasks, you decide.

  1. Communication is easy!

Communication is key for any business relationship. Try ignoring your clients for a year and you will know what we mean. FSPhub makes sure that you are always close to your clients without having to waste too much time.

Pre-written templates are used for both email and SMSes. These templates are linked to the appropriate task or steps as per your pre-defined workflow.  There are at least two advantages to doing it this way:

  • The ability of people to get grammar and spelling correct is deteriorating all the time. By checking the templates regularly, this problem is eliminated.
  • A huge amount of time is saved by editing a template instead of writing it from scratch every time
  1. Keep your business FAIS compliant!

The Financial Services Board (FSB) expects documents to be readily available. These documents also need to be kept “offsite and safe from destruction”. The FAIS law, which regulates the activities of FSPs, stipulates amongst other things the following:

  • Each record/document needs to be kept for at least five years after the cancellation of a contract/client. This obviously assumes faultless record-keeping.
  • That all work should be done in line with approved business processes.
  • There needs to be adequate and competent management in place.

FSPhub assists in this regard in at least four ways:

  • The system automatically inserts a code in each email or SMS that is sent. When the recipient replies to an email, this code enables FSPhub to automatically link the reply to the correct task, client or contact. This prevents misfiling and saves you a lot of time.
  • To make it easier to quickly find a document, shortcuts are automatically inserted in three different (logical) places in the system.
  • Attachments to an email are of course filed with the email, but if it is an important document you can choose the appropriate name in a drop-down and have it filed separately.
  • Many FSP firms still, unbelievably, use paper files to store documentation. We provide you with an easy way to get your documents scanned and linked in FSPhub.

If you are going to put processes in place they may as well be compliant. It is almost inconceivable that the FAIS law can be complied with in all respects without the use of a system like FSPhub.

  1. Facilitate management control

By clicking the name of an employee from a drop-down list, management can see all their tasks, both current, completed and overdue. This enables management to see whether an employee is coping in an unobtrusive way and to manage the quality of the work done.

Quite apart from quality control, it is easy to see whether the work is also evenly distributed. This visible from anywhere in the world and on any device.

  1. Send communications to a select group of clients

Sometimes you want a message to go to certain clients, but your system does not allow that. By using the filtering mechanism, FSPhub can create (and save) sharply focused groups of clients and prospects. This enables you to communicate, by email or SMS, with a group in a meaningful way. Bear in mind that it is easy to pull the appropriate personal information of each person from the database.

Thus, the only limitation to very effective communication (and therefore relationship-building) is the ability of management to say the right things!

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