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In recent years, business owners have woken up to the value of monthly income, rather than a one-off lump sum payment from a business sale.

Even Microsoft are working hard to change their business model.

In the US, the value of these type of businesses is huge, in comparison to those valued in the developing world. There they consider the value of future income, rather than historical profits, as we do in South Africa. There is a significant difference between the two approaches. Here, you might expect to achieve 24 times the monthly commission of your brokerage, and in an exceptional case, this might be 36 times.

Compare that to the blood, sweat and tears it took to begin the business, where clients had to be found, trust built and where consistent, excellent service had to be provided.

If your enthusiasm for the business is lost, begin to coach a younger employee now to take over at some future point. Draw up an Agreement, which enables you to earn an annuity income.

Of course, this is more easily said than done.

However, what if you could build a world class business, which operates so efficiently and where a far larger part of the commission is profit?

This is not a fairy tale. Since 2005, we have been helping experienced Brokers to do just that. Throughout that time, we have been gathering knowledge from all around the globe. This knowledge has been consolidated into a Master Plan; a Plan which always works.

If you consider you are a strong leader, we would appreciate an opportunity to explain how it works. Ultimately, we love to help brokers to prosper and to lead a balanced life, whilst simultaneously building a world-class business.