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You will probably agree that regulation, new legislation and fierce competition has taken most of the fun out of owning an FSP.

That can be fixed.

Please read this if you want to build a world class practice and live a balanced life again. . .

You will know that the quality of service provided by businesses large and small has deteriorated rapidly, almost without exception.

We don’t know the reason, just that it is a worldwide phenomenon.

This complicates your life as an intermediary, but it is also a huge opportunity.

An opportunity to stand out from the rest: just imagine your clients telling their friends about this amazing practice: “they keep you informed on progress and nothing ever goes wrong! Just one phone call or email and everything is taken care of. What a pleasure to do business with them”.

How do you achieve this? With our active assistance!

Just imagine the following office scenario:

  • All the work is done in an online system where each task has a process attached to it. The task is completed by marking Step 1 as done, then Step 2 . . . up to the last, when the task is marked as done.That is not a new idea, small businesses have just never been able to afford these ERP systems.
    Until now! See fsphub.com
  • Each time something goes wrong, your staff need to determine what needs to be added/changed/omitted in the process to ensure that that which went wrong can never happen again. You sign it off and the process is changed.
  • After a period, which will be different for each business, nothing will ever go wrong!


Your clients will be delighted, your staff will feel empowered and you will be free.

I can’t take credit for the second (revolutionary) bullet point. Take the trouble to go to www.workthesystem.com – and even download Sam Carpenter’s book if you like, the link is on the site.
It is the combination of his concept with our system which is the silver bullet that will change your life.

If you transform your practice into one where nothing ever goes wrong, you will be free to live a balanced life.
(the fact that ‘the buck stops with you’ is the main reason why you spend too much time in your business)

All it takes is to

  • implement our online business management system, FSPhub.com
  • staff that are willing to take ownership of their work and
  • strong leadership by you!

We will hold your hand all the way, so contact us – now!