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Before FSPHub we still worked with files piled up on desks with sticky notes and reminders. FSPHub completely changed and improved the way we worked and introduced efficiency and proper task management into our business to the benefit of all involved, especially our clients.

We tell our colleagues about our success, doing more than double the amount of business with the same number of employees, reducing our other overheads dramatically and regularly being complimented by our clients on the way in which we keep them informed.

Where would you find a more compliant, user-friendly, cost-effective, secure, web-based system? Since 2009 and specifically during covid FSPHub’s centralised record keeping and control proved to be invaluable. Individual and group communication with clients were efficient and easy.

FSPHub has been an incredible asset to our Voorpos Group of companies and even more so during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our entire team was able to work remotely, while maintaining their effectiveness and output. As a result, we offered uninterrupted client service, settled insurance claims, and we formed even stronger relations with our stakeholders.

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