Designed to make your practice more efficient, secure and profitable – FSPHub is a cost-effective Practice Management Solution that will help you achieve and maintain control, compliance, communication, consistency and complete peace of mind.

The software is customisable, and it offers the perfect solution to improve the synergy of your small team, or even connect your various branches into one central hub.

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From as little as R1,000 per month, you too could reap the benefits from our all-inclusive system!

User-based pricing, with no hidden costs, means that the smaller your team the less you pay. Plus, there are no fixed terms with our simple 30-day-notice cancellation policy.

Furthermore, our amazingly smooth onboarding process, with no barrier to entry, makes FSPHub extremely easy to incorporate into your business.

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what we offer

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We can help you navigate the minefield of compliance, data-security, productivity and control with simplicity and confidence.

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