Our Experts

Team of professionals

Every member of our team has been strategically selected for their exceptional skills, vast knowledge in their respective fields, as well as other personal attributes that include client-centric values. They are all vital to our success and inevitably the success of our clients in return.

FSPHub Team | Jurie Strydom

Jurie Strydom

Non-Executive Chairman
FSPHub Team | Sean Barrett

Sean Barrett

Chief Executive Officer
FSPHub Team | Paul Durrant

Paul Durrant

Non-Executive Director
FSPHub Team | Tyrone Eady

Tyrone Eady

Non-Executive Director
Neil Maree

Neil Maree

Sales Manager
FSPHub Team | Michelle Swart

Michelle Swart

Office Manager
FSPHub Team | Fallon Scholtz

Fallon Scholtz

Client Development & Support
FSPHub Team | Tylor Barrett

Tylor Barrett

Client Support
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