No need to get more filing cabinets or lie awake, worrying about storage of important client information. FSPHub will automatically store your information off-site in a secure centralised cloud that is safe from loss and/or unauthorised access. And it is friendly to the environment too!


Successfully manage and scale your practice with our reporting feature. With FSPHub, you can conveniently access crucial management information that can be exported for on-point reports. Obtain daily, weekly or monthly insights and confirm that you are growing your practice without compromising your mission.


This is a must for FSPs in today’s competitive business environment. You can improve your client communication and service with our integrated communication feature that is automatically linked to the correct client/insurer and workflow. You can strategically disseminate targeted and personalised communication to predetermined groups.


FSPHub is customisable, which means you can easily adapt your workflow to suit your, as well as the industry’s changing needs. Plus, we can help optimise existing processes to increase productivity and revenue!


Effortlessly manage your clients and your team from anywhere, at any time. Your information is stored in a centralised cloud, which means you can safely access your workflow, communication and documents – all in one place. It is seamless and convenient.

Next-Generation Practice Management Solution