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What our customers say.

“Thank you very much I like to tell my broker friends how stupid and old school they are for not using the system and I will keep on doing it and showing them the benefits! I do regard myself as the non official ambassador of the FSPHub system!! Keep up your good work!”

Charles Rodgers


“We are very proud of FSPHub and the professional assistance that we receive from your organisation. We tell our colleagues about our success, doing more than double the amount of business with the same number of employees, reducing our other overheads dramatically and regularly being complimented by our clients on the way in which we keep them informed.”

Alwyn Bamberger

Bamberger Financial Services

“I want to let you know that everything in our office is still centred around FSPhub!! We are completely helpless without it – we are actually addicted to the system! Every single day in our Brokerage we experience how the system enables us to be FAIS compliant. Frankly- our biggest fear is that we would not be able survive without it!”

Darelle Smit


“System efficiency

Thorough record keeping

We’ve initially done comparisons, finally decided to move forward with FSPhub since this was by far the most effective integrated system at the time.”


“All in one – diary/filling/communication – sms/email

Accommodate all our products- Life/short-term/medical

Secure filling system, can’t change data”


“System is user friendly

Mail integration which other systems do not have

Great after sale service”


“The FSP team keeps on involving and improving and are open to suggestions from us, while keeping the core of the system intact.”


“In my modest opinion, and personal operational experience, I believe FSPhub should be recognized as market leaders in their field.”


“Save time – easy to access program
Save money on telephone cost
Paperless – old document easy available”